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Posted on Fri Jun 14 2019

As an organization made up of experienced military professionals, the humanitarian missions Veterans Without Orders members have participated in have addressed a wide range of needs: education, housing, nutrition, and medical care.

However, they came to understand that unsafe water was undermining all their mission efforts.  Children could not attend school. Parents could not work or provide for their families. Illnesses thought taken care of medically by staff were reappearing within a matter of weeks. The suffering continued all because the community lacked access to clean water.

Guatemala, located in Central America, is home to more than 17 million people, proud of their shared Mayan heritage but also broadly diverse, with over 24 languages. Most of the people live in rural areas.

According to the World Bank, 54% of Guatemalans live below their national poverty line and 11.5% live in extreme poverty on less than two dollars per day.

Among other complications, there is a high risk of waterborne diseases including hepatitis A, typhoid fever, and bacterial diarrhea. 

Guatemala has also long suffered from “economic water scarcity”, meaning there is a lack of investment in water infrastructure. In these situations there may be ample water supply, but populations who cannot afford to use it cannot access it, or if they can, find that many water systems do not meet government standards of water quality and quantity and are in partial or complete failure.

One Million Goal joined Veterans Without Orders this month on a mission to Guatemala to supply clean drinking water to those who are in need. 

They supplied highly effective water filters that can be set up in 5 minutes using a 5-gallon container and filtration kit.  Each filter comes with a guarantee of producing one million gallons of clean water.  The filters were put into the hands of those who need them, primarily families, giving those families almost immediate access to clean water and improved health.

Because you care and donated, these individuals along with almost 800 others in Guatemala now have clean drinking water.  Thank you for supporting One Million Goal and our efforts with our partners to supply this crucial element of life to those in need.

To continue supporting One Million Goal’s efforts, donate here.

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