Charity:Water Update - Community of Tingobwor, in Uganda

by garret

Posted on Tue Apr 24 2018

Thanks to the generosity of One Million Goal donors in early 2016, we were able to partner with Charity:Water to help a community in the Northern Region of Uganda gain access to clean water! Our donations helped fund a drilled well in a region where only 23% of the population has access to clean water. This well, completed in March of this year, will serve approximately 284 people.

The water technologies Charity:Water funds depend on the region's water availability, geology, and population density. Their partners survey each site and meet with the communities to determine the best solution. In the community of Tingobwor, the best solution was a drilled well. The construction of a drilled well required a team of professionals to drill deep underground, reaching aquifers that aren't accessible by hand-digging. To instill a sense of ownership, the community joined in the planning and building process. Local residents formed water committees, which are trained to promote the best hygiene practices for health and sanitation among the community.

Families used to spend valuable time walking to collect water that wasn't safe to drink. Now, they're walking much less. Most importantly, the water they bring home is clean and safe.

Thank you to all the One Million Goal supporters who helped make this happen.

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