Our Goal is to provide life's most critical resource to One Million men, women, and children in need.

Meet our founder

The cause, by the numbers...

780 Million

men, women, and children lack access to clean drinking water


lives are seriously affected by limited access to safe, clean water...


people die each week as a result

Nearly Half

of all hospital beds are occupied by patients suffering from water-related illness

73 Billion

hours each year are consumed collecting water and dealing with water related complications

Just $20

can be enough to provide water to someone in need. And You can help!

Water in not just a thirst issue...

The consequences of limited access to clean water can affect all aspects of daily life and society.

Health and Sanitation

Health and Sanitation - Millions of people around the world who lack access to clean water resort to their only option –to drink water contaminated with germs and bacteria. Without clean water, treating any illness is infinitely more challenging. Only clean water that is free of harmful contaminants can provide the sanitation that prevents the spread of disease.


Children - Infants and young children are most vulnerable to the health issues associated with a lack of clean water. Their bodies and immune systems are not strong enough to cope with the strain of disease and infection. As a result, nearly 2,000 children die each day from water related illnesses.


Hunger - Without water, communities cannot grow food to feed themselves. For those with access to food but not adequate water, they are unable to properly digest the food they do eat leaving their bodies without the nutrients they need.


Terrorism - In some areas of the world, malicious individuals and groups seize control of a limited clean-water supply and then use this control of life’s most critical resource to subjugate those less fortunate.


Poverty - Billions of hours are spent each day collecting water or dealing with the consequences of drinking contaminated water. Time lost is time not available to gain an education or work to provide for the needs of a family. Those fighting for survival have little hope of starting businesses or building a better future beyond the grips of extreme poverty.

Gender Inequality

Gender Inequality - In many parts of the world, the burden to collect water for the community is left to women. Women who sacrifice hours a day to collect water for a village are unable to invest that time in gaining an education, caring for their children, or contributing to the workforce in order to build a brighter future for their own lives and the lives of their family and community.


Education - Hours spent by children collecting water is precious time they cannot spend gaining an education. Children who do have access to an education but not a clean, reliable source of water often miss too much time in the classroom because they are battling sickness and disease or suffering from malnutrition.

Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault - During these long treks to gather water, women are often subject to unspeakable physical and sexual abuse while they are alone and vulnerable.

The results, by the numbers...


peope helped so far


audience reached




campaigns and events held


projects funded


donations raised

How we do it

One Million Goal focuses on advocacy and fundraising efforts in order to complement the efforts of our various collaborate and joint venture partners. Beyond raising money, the effort required to provide reliable, sustainable, and effective water solutions to communities in need is a tremendous undertaking that requires, at a minimum: researching and developing water technologies, locating the communities in need, identifying the most viable candidates for available resources, fostering relationships with local partners to help install and maintain projects, planning and installing new water solutions, testing and repairing equipment, maintaining relationships with supported communities, and much more.

By focusing our efforts toward raising awareness and funding, we aim to contribute to the work of many other great organizations, not compete with them for the same precious time, money, resources, and supporters. We believe this approach allows us to effect the greatest positive change for the world, helps our donors ensure the greatest impact with their support, and most importantly, allows us to help the greatest number of people gain access to water in the shortest time.

One million lives are counting on us, and we are counting on your support.

Please help us so we can help those in need. Spread the word. Make a Donation. Share with your friends.

Supported Organizations and Partners

When you support One Million Goal with your donation, your contribution may be used to help support the efforts of a partner or supported organization. Because of this, we select only the most reputable, effective, and efficient water-solution organizations to ensure your contribution is being put to best possible use to make the greatest difference for those in need.

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