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One Million Goal, Inc. (OMG) is a foundation devoted to raising money and awareness to help those in need.  Nearly 1 in 10 people on this planet live without access to clean drinking water.  OMG has joined the fight to help change that reality.  Many great organizations and groups travel the world doing the hard work of getting water to those in need.  The organization is dedicated to the difficult and necessary work of spreading awareness, raising money and inspiring the involvement and support from many more people like yourself.  Please follow our progress, share the news with your friends and join One Million Goal by getting involved.  Together we can help make a difference for the men, women and children in need.  



One Million Goal is an organization devoted to advocacy and spreading awareness. The purpose of OMG is to raise awareness about the lack of clean water around the world. The money that the organization is able to raise will be provided to select organizations who are going into the field and making a difference.



Education alone won’t provide the cure. It takes education combined with inspiration to make a difference. When I first learned of the water crisis, I was touched, but I felt helpless to do anything about it. When you feel helpless, it is hard to become inspired - until you learn a way that you CAN make a difference. One Million Goal has a mission to inspire others to help.


Make A Difference

Education combined with inspiration lays the path for One Million Goal to make a difference. OMG was founded to raise money and awareness, and to support a few of the great organizations that are putting these resources to work. OMG shares the money you contribute with partners such as charity: water and – organizations that have years of experience changing the world. The money contributed by OMG supporters will fund the development of wells, filtration systems and pump houses that will make a difference for those in desperate need.



The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first few steps. One Million Goal is grateful to have made those first steps.

We look forward to your support and involvement during the rest of this tremendous journey!!


campaigns and events held


people reached with the message


contributions made


lives that will be affected!!